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Want To See Adapti In Action?

We make it easy to transition into Social Media and Influencer marketing. Whether you’re a seasoned brand or Influencer, or even if you’re just getting started, Adapti has a solution for you.

We have the team to provide assistance in the creation of everything you may need from ad copy, product photography, CGI product imagery, video, websites, social media posts, and of course, Influencers.

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How We Typically Work

  1. We craft a marketing plan – to promote your products/brand.
  2. We evaluate your website and sales data – then leverage Adapti.
  3. We reach out to the influencers – and manage them on your behalf.
  4. Our team works with your team – to create the necessary creative content.
  5. We establish realistic goals over time – to identify what a positive campaign ROI means to your team.

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How Adapti Works

Adapti has been designed to ingest data from a variety of public data sources such as Amazon, Instagram, Reddit and Twitter. Adapti’s proprietary AI technology evaluates these large data sets to identify and best match products to influencers and how these influencers will deliver a positive ROI on your marketing spend.


Evaluate brand products and their market of interest then scour social media networks and online market places to identify influencers that could promote the brand.


Perform influencer vetting to confirm validity of content and followers as well as review previous marketing promotions and identify successes/failures.


Contact selected influencers and engage them based on your budget. We develop a marketing action plan with your brand and selected influencer partners.


Your selected Influencers create and promote authentic brand content based on your criteria and pre-selected marketing goals!

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