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Influencer Marketing

Fused With A.I.

Adapti is an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) driven SAAS (software as a service) Influencer platform designed to identify the potential return on investment (ROI) of product promotion through Influencer engagement. This platform identifies correlations between real time product sales data and influencer engagement impact, using proprietary A.I. models.

Whether you are a brand marketer looking to grow your brand, or an influencer looking to increase your business, Adapti can help you.

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Welcome To The
Social Media Marketplace

Marketing and promoting brands has changed. COVID has pushed retail sales online to record levels, while simultaneously increasing the reliance on, and engagement with, online Influencers. Now more than ever, brands must leverage social media and influencers to promote their product.

Brands are re-allocating marketing dollars
towards social media and influencer marketing:

Source: Tractica

// Adapti is the solution…

We Match Brands To Influencers

Adapti’s proprietary algorithm identifies potential Influencer matches to our partnered brands, allowing us to provide the most cost effective Influencer marketing campaign to the brands consumers love and trust. We help brands cut through the social media noise and identify which Influencer to partner with who is capable of bringing value to their brand.

We identify which influencers to work with, how to allocate spend, and how to predict an ROI on that spend.

Source: MediaKix

Why Brands Are Choosing Adapti

In the growing sea of social media influencers, we recognize the difficulty in identifying which influencers are right for your brand. Adapti effectively identifies the highest ROI influencer for a specific product in real time, taking out all the guess work and potentially wasted marketing spend, regardless of what’s happening around the globe.

Increasing Brand

Adapti’s proprietary algorithm identifies the most suitable influencer partner for the brands we partner with, yielding increased exposure, brand awareness, and product sales.

Building Brand

We collect indispensable feedback and build a following of loyal customers for our partnered brands through multiple social media platforms with vetted and verified Nano to Mega Influencers.

Take Back

Spending marketing dollars on traditional sales channels has become increasingly expensive and competitive. Adapti puts our partnered brands back into the driver’s seat of their marketing budget.

Meet Our Partnered Brands

Adapti matches brands and products with top performing influencers who have a proven track record of success with their audience.
From cleaning up the environment to crafting healthy supplements for our families, we help our partnered brands thrive.

How Adapti Works

Adapti has been designed to ingest data from a variety of public data sources such as Amazon, Instagram, Reddit and Twitter. Adapti’s proprietary AI technology evaluates these large data sets to identify and best match products to influencers and how these influencers will deliver a positive ROI on your marketing spend.


Evaluate brand products and their market of interest then scour social media networks and online market places to identify influencers that could promote the brand.


Perform influencer vetting to confirm validity of content and followers as well as review previous marketing promotions and identify successes/failures.


Contact selected influencers and engage them based on your budget. We develop a marketing action plan with your brand and selected influencer partners.


Your selected Influencers create and promote authentic brand content based on your criteria and pre-selected marketing goals!

We’re International

Are you an international brand or service looking to target a new market?
Adapti can help you identify the right influencers from around the world.

Fill out our quick and easy Interest Form and we’ll have an Adapti expert reach out.

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