A.I. Tech Bringing Influencers And
Brands Together

Our tech combines Influencers and Products through a unique adaptive a.i. technology to match top performing Influencers with products that will success with their audience.

Our algorithm identifies potential Influencer matches to our partnered brands, allowing us to provide the most cost effective Influencer marketing campaign to the brands we love and the consumers that trust them.

Growth Opportunities With Partner Brands includes:

  • AI-Driven marketing technology
  • Social Media/Influencer marketing
  • Organic skin care
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • Longevity – snacks/supplements

// Introducing…

Truly Breathable Foundation

Perhaps you’ve seen it in Glamour, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Health, Redbooks, Ladies Home Journal and many more publications. Its perhaps the biggest breakthrough in skin-care history.

Learn more at: www.dermaciapro.com

// Introducing…

Powerful Rideshare A.I.

PAIR matches drivers and passengers based on professional or social connections creating a real life social media platform for networking opportunities with other individuals while commuting to and from work.

// Introducing…

Socially Responsible Impact Clean Technology

Through innovative environmental technologies – such as hydrocarbon remediation, processing and upgrading – Vivakor is changing the very nature of the carbon cycle.

Learn more at: www.vivakor.com

We’ll Take Care Of All The Details

We have the team to provide assistance in the creation of everything you may need from ad copy, product photography, CGI product imagery, video, websites, social media posts, and of course, Influencers.

  1. We craft a marketing plan – to promote your products/brand.
  2. We evaluate your website and sales data – then leverage Adapti.
  3. We reach out to the influencers – and manage them on your behalf.
  4. Our team works with your team – to create the necessary creative content.
  5. We establish realistic goals over time – to identify what a positive campaign ROI means to your team.

We’re International

Are you an international brand or service looking to target a new market?
Adapti can help you identify the right influencers from around the world.

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